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Runway Expansion Program

NBD Property Remedial Soil Excavation & Removal Project

In conjunction with the Gary/Chicago International Airport-Runway 12/30 Runway Extension Program, railroad tracks owned by the EJ&E Railway, a subsidiary of the Canadian National Railroad, must be relocated from their current alignment to a new corridor.


This proposed railway corridor will pass through a property, commonly known as the NBD Property, which is located directly northwest of the cessation of the Gary/Chicago International Airport's runway 12/30.  However, environmental testing indicates that areas of the NBD property, within the proposed corridor, contain areas of soil with high levels of petroleum and lead contamination.


In order to remediate those areas of contamination that fall within the proposed railway corridor the Gary/Chicago International Airport Authority has established a contract titled, "NBD Property Remedial Soil Excavation & Removal" (Project No. REP001).


Work under the NBD Property Remedial Soil Excavation & Removal contract involves:

  • De-watering, debris removal, clearing and grubbing

  • Construction and maintenance of access roads

  • Excavation, removal and proper disposal of petroleum and lead impacted soils

  • Backfill, compaction and grading of excavated areas

  • Other miscellaneous items related to this project

Project Completed        November, 2011